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The purpose of this website is to make known the services provided by UNO TRADUCERI on the Romanian translations market.


The use of the site and the access to the information it provides implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions, as presented below.


The non-acceptance of such Terms and Conditions, or of any provision thereof, as formulated herein, entails the User’s obligation to immediately stop accessing the Site; the further accessing and visiting of the site, of any page thereof and/or the use of the Service, as well as any other part of it, shall constitute a full and unconditional acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and of any part thereof.

We thereby inform you that such conditions of use may be amended at any time, without notice or notification, and it is the responsibility of the user to verify them every time they access the website. The term “user” refers to any natural or legal entity accessing this website.  


General terms and conditions


1. Protection of personal data


For part of the services provided by our site it is necessary to collect personal data, respectively data that allows the identification of the person. The information provided in such manner shall be used exclusively for the declared purpose. Such data shall not be used for advertising purposes, for sending unrequested messages and we shall not send them to other persons, except for when there is an imperative legal provision regarding such aspect.


Your data shall not be transferred abroad.

If any of your data is incorrect, please inform us immediately.


* any person is entitled to oppose, for legal reasons, to the processing of the data concerning them.

* any person is also entitled to oppose, without cause or justification, to the processing of its personal data for direct marketing purposes.


2. Quality

Uno-traduceri.ro shall not be responsible for any damages, directly or indirectly caused by the functioning of the website nor by its possible breakdowns. Our team cannot guarantee the accuracy and the presence of the pages displayed by your browser nor any communication between the internet nodes.


3. Links

The Users understand and agree that the Site may include links or references to other websites, including personal sites (blogs), sites of products and/or services providers sending publicity banners, posted on the Site or on publicity microsites, without limitation, considered by the Site Administrator to be useful in relation to the Contents of the Site, but which are not under his control or guidance.

The Site Administrator shall be released from any liability regarding the contents or the opinions expressed on all above mentioned websites, as well as for their correctness and accuracy, and the Users understand and agree that such websites are not monitored, controlled or verified in any way by the Site Administrator. The inclusion of links or references to other websites does not imply their approval in any way by the Site Administrator. When the users access such websites, it will be at their own risk, being aware of the fact that the use of the services provided by the mentioned websites shall be submitted to the conditions determined by the administrators of such sites.


4. Intellectual property right 

The content and design of Uno-traduceri.ro as well as any other materials related to Uno-traduceri.ro are the property of Uno-traduceri.ro and of its collaborators – where expressly specified – (copyrights) and are protected by the legislation regarding the intellectual property. You cannot use, reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce the materials of uno-traduceri.ro, without written consent from Uno-traduceri.ro.


5. Changes of the site

Uno-traduceri.ro reserves the right to suspend, modify, add or erase from any comment, any parts of its contents.


6. Limitation of liability 

The Site Administrator does not undertake the obligation, nor does he implicitly or expressly guarantee for any contents of the Site or for the whole content provided by the Users. The Site Administrator shall make all reasonable efforts to assure the accuracy and trust regarding the Site and shall try to correct any errors or omissions as soon as possible.


The Site Administrator does not provide any type of guarantee or liability for the Contents of the Site and, under no circumstances, will he be made responsible for any loss or prejudice that may result from the use of any part, sequence, module of the Contents of the Site or from the inability of using it, regardless of the cause, or from the incorrect construction of any provisions regarding the Contents of the Site.


The Users understand and agree that the provision of the Service may be affected by certain objective conditions, as well as the fact that any services offered through the Site are provided according to the principle “as provided”, “as available”, and the Users shall use such services at their own risk. Therefore, the Site Administrator shall not be held liable for any information or data from the Contents of the Site, including, but only the ones regarding the text, images, video sequences, avatars, blogs or any other activity related to the use of the Site, nor will he be responsible for any other legal effects generated by such activities.


The Users understand and agree that the Site Administrator is exonerated from any liability in the event of any suspension, interruption, disturbance, breakdown or errors in the operation of the site, in the event of any type of technical errors or any errors, while providing the Service or any other aspect in relation to the Service, as well as generated by the use of the Contents of the Site in any manner, or any other generated legal effects.


The Users understand and agree that the Site Administrator is released from any liability regarding the publicity adds posted on the Site or through the Service, as well as regarding the goods or services provided by the authors of such publicity adds.


In force majeure events, the Site Administrator and/or its operators, directors, employees, branches, affiliates, and its representatives are fully exonerated from responsibility. The force majeure events include, but are not limited to functioning errors of the technical equipment of the Site Administrator, non-operation of the internet connection, non-operation of the telephone connections, computer viruses, informational attacks or any type of attacks, and interference with malicious information programs, unauthorized access to the Site’s systems, operation errors, strikes, etc.


The Users agree to protect, to insure and indemnify the Site Administrator and/or its operators, directors, employees, branches, affiliates and its representatives, in full, for and against all requests, claims, actions, taxation, loss, damage, costs (including, but not limited to the honoraries of the lawyers, experts and advisors or executors, judicial, notary or enforcement taxes), expenses, law suits, decisions, fines, regulations or other obligations generated or related to any other action of the User, regarding the use of the Service or any other aspect in relation to it.  


7. Governing law. Disputes

The rights and obligations of the Users and of the Site Administrator, as provided in the Terms and Conditions, as well as all legal effects produced by such terms and Conditions shall be construed and governed according to the Romanian legislation in force. Any disputes that may arise from, or in connection with the Terms and Conditions shall be settled amiably. In the event that such settlement cannot be achieved, the dispute shall be settled by the Romanian competent court in the territorial range of the Bucharest Municipality.


8. Change of the Terms and Conditions

The Site Administrator is entitled to change at any time and in any manner, any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions or the Terms and Conditions in full, without previous notification and without the obligation of fulfilling any other formality towards the Users. Any change shall be considered as fully and unconditionally agreed by any of the Users by simply using or accessing any of the facilities provided by the Site or by the Service, or by accessing the Site, made at any time after operating the change, and the non-acceptance of any change entails the obligation of the respective User to immediately stop accessing the Site and/or any use of the Service.


Company details:


VAT No. RO17096442


Registered office: Bucharest, Sos. Iancului nr. 21, bloc 106A, sc. A, ap. 2, sector 2


Thank you,

Uno-traduceri.ro team